Rooms Salamina - Greece
Gazing, sniff, listen, touch, I feel ...
A brand new world, meticulous to the last detail, waiting for you to experience unique moments of comfort, refined taste and high quality services. Very near Athens and in a spectacular waterfront location, the Melina Resort will become your favorite destination, whatever your desire, a brief escape from everyday life, your holiday or an event that will stand you for aesthetics and special color.
Why Melina Resort, you feel it from the first moment ... This is not just a place, a residence, a hotel.
It is an unforgettable pleasure experience that awakens the senses!
The MELINA RESORT Located in a lovely location in Aianteiou Salamis area, by the sea. A warm and friendly atmosphere, the cleanliness, the family environment, pleasant and quiet stay.
H Salamina is the largest island of the Saronic Gulf and the closest to the coast of Attica. It has natural beauty, beaches, attractions, good food and fun.
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